<p class="description" minmax_bound="true">L370-220 Rhino oxygen regulator, Yoke pin- Index 0-25 lpm, 2 check valves, barbed house.</p> <p class="description" minmax_bound="true">A machined aluminum casting housing on the Rhino protects the contents gauge from breaking. The virtually indestructible design is for services that are tired of replacing broken regulator gauges. The low profile gauge housing is mounted on the industry proven brass 270 series regulator featured on the previous page.</p> <p class="features" minmax_bound="true"><b>Features:</b></p> <ul minmax_bound="true"> <li minmax_bound="true">Machined aluminum gauge housing</li> <li minmax_bound="true">Uni-body anodized all brass construction</li> <li minmax_bound="true">Break-resistant, recessed constant flow selector knob</li> <li minmax_bound="true">Internal safety relief valve</li> <li minmax_bound="true">Durable, replaceable T handle</li> <li minmax_bound="true">Dual safety relief valves for increased equipment safety</li> <li minmax_bound="true">10 year warranty</li> </ul> <p minmax_bound="true"> </p>