<p>• Disposable & latex free<br /> • Inflatable cuff ensures patient comfort<br /> • Reduces wasted anesthetic gas pollution<br /> • Designed for anesthesia and respiratory care<br /> • Transparent housing for immediate detection of regurgitation or silent aspiration<br /> • Removable color coded hook ring for hand-held procedures</p> <h2 style="font-style:italic;">Options</h2> <p>4-0110-00  Gray              Neonate</p> <p>4-0110-01  Light Blue      Infant</p> <p>4-0110-02  Yellow           Child</p> <p>4-0110-03  Green            Small Adult</p> <p>4-0110-04   Red              Medium Adult</p> <p>4-0110-05   Dark Blue     Large Adult</p>