<p>PRO-LITE Speedboard Only</p> <p><br /> Do you perform "Rapid Take Down" on almost every patient?<br /> Can you clinically justify this practice? "Rapid Take Down" is intended to be reserved for the multi-system trauma patient with low blood pressure. You do it anyway because the SHORT SPINE devices most widely available were designed decades ago, in the day of bench seats and big cars. They just do not work well in today's bucket seats. They are nearly impossible to clean, disinfect and just take too long to apply. Why place your patient at risk of permanent disability when now you can do the job right without compromise?<br /> <br /> Product Number 35710<br /> <br /> 31" x 12" x 0.5"</p> <p><br /> PRO-LITE SHORT Speedboard<br /> Speedboard Specs<br /> Applying the Speedboard to a victim...</p> <p>To apply the SPEEDBOARD, first have Rescuer Number 1 hold & maintain cervical immobilization while Rescuer Two applies the appropriately sized Cervical Collar. Rescuer One should maintain Cervical Stabilization during entire SPEEDBOARD application process. Rescuer Two should carefully insert SPEEDBOARD behind patient only far enough down so that the top two knotted ends of the Yellow and Orange straps, where they attached to upper slots on SPEEDBOARD are EVEN WITH THE TOP OF THE PATIENT'S SHOULDERS. Then push all the strap buckle ends back through the handhold to free them for use. As soon as practical, move the Blue Head Support to position it behind patient's head. Pad neck area for additional support.</p> <p>Attach top two Yellow and Orange straps "crisscross" style using care to keep straps feeding through buckles straight, while applying FIRM tension to tighten upper straps to shoulders and up into armpits. This should secure shoulders positively. Then attach and tighten the White waist belt.</p> <p><br /> Last secure forehead and chin/collar to Blue Headpiece using disposable Head/Chin Tapes provided. Always continuously monitor the Airway, and be sure neither Head or Chin Tape interfere with respiration. Maintain neutral alignment of the spine at all times.</p>