<h3><span style="color:#e74c3c">"BLUE" ROBERTAZZI Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit  1-5076-09 </span></h3> <p><strong>FEATURES:</strong></p> <p>Nine sizes available: 20-36FR<br /> Sterile<br /> Best quality<br /> Smooth surface for easy insertion<br /> Accurate sizing of airway<br /> Soft - to reduce trauma to nasal passage<br /> Flexible<br /> Resists collapse or kinking<br /> Resilient<br /> Process to reduce latex protein</p> <p>NASOPHARYNGEAL AIRWAYS</p> <p>All nine sizes are treated to provide an extremely smooth sur- face to accommodate the patient's comfort and easing of insertion and removal.</p> <p>To reduce undesirable proteins, a proprietary three-step procedure is employed prior to sterilizing this product, removing antigenic protein inherent to all natural latex.</p> <p>TEST I: ASTM D 5712 TOTAL PROTEIN (LOWRY)</p> <p>A total protein Lowry Assay test has been obtained on our nasopharyngeal tubes indicating less than 50ug/g total protein.</p> <p>TEST II: ASTM D 64499-00 ANTIGENIC PROTEIN</p> <p>The newer, more specific Elisa test to determine the anti- genic protein level has determined our nasopharyngeal tubes have less than 0.6ug/g antigenic protein. The above analyses were carried out by Guthrie Research Institute and certified to SunMed Healthcare by Akron Rubber Laboratory Inc., both the Lowry Assay and the Elisa test results are available upon request.</p>