<p>Air flowmeter 0-15 lpm with Chemetron quick connect.</p> <p>Medical Air Flowmeters Brass Bodied, 50 psi, Single and Dual Flowmeters at Lifemedicalsupplier.com.</p> <p>The Timeter Flowmeter is durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Timeter Flowmeters: Quality Plus Value.<br /> - Crack-resistant polycarbonate hood<br /> - Nickel-plated solid brass body provides high durability and long life<br /> - Dual-tapered metering tube provides outstanding accuracy on 0-15 lpm<br /> - Steel float eliminates sticking caused by static electricity on 0-15 lpm<br /> - Easier readability on the 0-5 lpm range<br /> - 5 Year Warranty</p>


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