<p>The B&B Universal Bite Block – Adult is recommended to be used with the entire line of B&B Medical Technologies pre-cut endotracheal tube holders and other products and adhesive tapes used to secure and support the artificial airway.</p> <p>When utilized with the StabilTube™, Lock-Tite™ and the B&B ET Tapes, the Universal Bite Block provides the fastest and most secure system for securing and stabilizing the artificial airway. The Releasable Cable Tie technology adheres directly onto the endotracheal tube and does not require an adhesive tape for stability. Easy and quick application for time sensitive conditions</p> <p>Designed for use with B&B Endotracheal tube holders and other commercially available securing devices</p> <p>Choice of Bite Block for short term application</p> <p>Packaged with securing device</p> <p>Latex Free Solution</p> <p>Hypoallergenic materials for fragile skin</p> <p>Provides convenient access for oral care, suctioning and procedures</p> <p>Well-tolerated by patients</p> <p>Designed for use in the Critical Care, Surgery, Emergency Room and Transport</p> <p>Accommodates all endotracheal tube sizes 6 to 9.5 mm</p> <p>Can be used in combination with B&B Endotracheal tube holders and other securing devices</p>