Vacutron General patient vacuum regulator

Chemetron vacutron vacuum regulator - Continuous mode - Outlet to the patient fitting: Diss male - Inlet to the all fittings: Chemetron. Also available with Oxequip MedStar adapter, Puritan bennet, Ohmeda ( Ohio - Diamond adapter. Contact by email to find out details about the Chemetron Vacutron Vacuum regulators.

Accurate, precise control of vacuum up to 300 mm Hg from a centrally piped source. Vacuum levels are indicated on a color-coded, glow-in-the-dark 2 gauge. Slimmer line saves space, yet model is more dura- ble than ever. Over-sized knob for easy adjustment and operation. Vacuum limiting valve limits vacuum at 320 mm Hg to prevent tissue destruction. Weight bearing brass post prevents the case from cracking. Maintenance is easy and unit can be cleaned by flushing with cold sterilant.

Vacutron provides four distinct advantages over other suction regulators. with 10 years warranty

Specifications Superior Patient Safety:

Vacutron suction regulators have a secondary internal vacuum relief valve. This valve ensures that under no circumstance, i.e. component failure, can the vacuum pressure delivered to the patient exceed a preset safe level so the patient is not inadvertently exposed to the full line vacuum pressure.

Simple and Inexpensive Sterilization

In the unlikely event the Vacutron becomes contaminated with aspirated material, the regulator can be sterilized by flushing it with common isopropyl alcohol.

Model Specific Labeling

Each Vacutron suction regulator has a color coded label on the front of the product to enable the clinician to quickly and easily identify which type of regulator is connected.

Standard Glow in the dark gauge

Allied’s Vacutron suction regulator comes standard with a glow in the dark gauge an needle.

The continuous suction regulator is designed to deliver constant vacuum for general suction procedures, including routine maintenance of the patient airway, oropharyngeal and endotracheal suctioning.

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