<p>Developed for transporting patients in rescue situations, speeding the service and providing reduced operational effort.</p> <p>Casters with brake system and 127 mm diameter.</p> <p>Six positions adjustable backrest.</p> <p>660 lbs charge capacity.</p> <p>Hard aluminum tubular structure, uses no welding, fitting and fixing with snaps, roll pins and screws.</p> <p>Folding side handles with automatic closing system.</p> <p>Mattress coated in waterproof material, self-extinguishing, stitched electronically.</p> <p>Safety belt for patient fixation with automotive coupling system, composed by a four points belt set and two dual points belt set.</p> <p>Anchoring system for complete installation in ambulances.</p> <p>'X' recoil system allowing adjustment in 8 height levels (0-870 mm).</p> <p>2 years warranty.</p> <p> </p>